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Sunday, May 10, 2009

lukimages photography free class

When I start doing fashion photography, I found it very difficult to establish a portfolio. The resources was very limited, such as the models, make up artists and fashion stylists.

Got the opportunity to working in this industry, lukimages will open the studio for young passionate fashion photographers who want to start portfolio.
I would like to share my experience, knowledge,  how to see the object, translate the concept to the images with the lighting and the attitude.

My team will provide all the set up for the photo shoot, so everybody will get the chance to take pictures.
Its free of charges.

All you have to do is :
- send me your best 5 pictures (jpeg 100 - 200 dpi) at, before May 25, 2009
- tell me about your passion in 5 sentence, in english or bahasa.
- write down your phone number so we can contact you for the interview
- 10 photographer will be choose



lightthedance said...

i envy those people who will get to work with you.

I would love to be one of those people but I am too far!


light the dance

luki said...

oh, sorry for that.
but Tom, I will put the work with the detail explanation if that will help.

rafflethazzle said...

Hey there, it's good that you provide this oppostunities for us newbies to widen our knowledge =)
Just curious, Is this open to Malaysians al well?

WTH said...

hi luki, i just know about you recently when I am researching for ideas for my shoot. Your images appear amazing to me, standing out among images that I search on googles lol:)

I am currently studying photography in Singapore and having fashion module this sem..I wonder if this opportunity still open? :)

Your new fan,
Willis :D

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