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Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to sell our pictures to a magazine?

The question of the day is How to sell our pictures to a magazine?
In my perspective it comes in two different ways to sell your picture

Identifying what kind of clienteles we want to grab. Example, we want our picture some day published in let say Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, ID, Numero or some magazine that we like it so much.
Looking at the pages of those magazines we are going to realize that every single magazine had they very own style. Study about what they like in terms of detail, and start producing picture as the same taste as they like.
Concentrated on that area and stay focus. Remember not to copy from their previous theme or their color toned, but try to bring something fresh that will catch their interest. And if you think you are ready, pursuit them! Hit them! In the most nicest way.

If you already had very distinctive personal style in every picture you are producing. And you want to keep it that way. The only thing we have to do is, learn and see the diversity of the magazines. Put it in some list, and track which magazine our pictures will be suitable.
Than we need to make some of selection of our best work and remember to make it simple.
Contact the magazine and arrange a meeting.

Never hesitate to ask and learn from other people, also read a lot of magazines, it will help us to recognize our style, and to get better understanding on which magazine we are fitted more.

Is not that difficult if we already knew what we want.
Good luck.

editor : Aldi Indrajaya


lightthedance said...


For those of us who are just starting out and have not established a formal style..... do you think it's very important to have ONE style or is it better to have a few styles for diversity?

As a new photographer, should I concentrate on having ONE style of photography and styling (example Vogue) or should I try to have maybe two or three different magazine styles?

Any opinions?


luki said...

everybody have they on style, because we grown in special way. our parents, the school, the movie we watch, song we like, etc, give us our true colors.
for me, I just follow that feeling, be honest, taking picture that I like. because my goal is my own satisfaction, my own passion.
but, depend, if we going to commercial market, we have to learn a lot of things. learn and try different style is possible, but again, we will going to adjust to our taste of course.
style has no rules, so lets create our own style.

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