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Sunday, November 8, 2009

how do I choose my lens.

Q :
Hey Luki
I admire your work. Its rad man. total respect. Id love to assist for you in Sydney for free if your ever around.I got a 2 meter octobox n elinchrom 600s which is fun to use..

I often study images to work out the lighting set up ext. I saw that shot where ur on the step ladder with either a beauty dish next to you or box on a crane shooting down.

Just tryin to work out your lens. Is it an 85mm or 105macro? anyway what lens do you use for the majority of your DSLR work. As I am discovering every shoot how focal length and distance from subject ( 3 meters ) is so very important.

after a bit of experimentation, I still like my 35mm except prefer my 80-200 2.8.

Any advice. would be greatly appreciated. on anything that I am doing or that you could suggest would help from what you see. I dont ask for advice from many people at all, unless they are absolutely excellent at what they do. So this is complimentary.

thanks mate

dear Anon,
that will be great. thank you for your offers.
I will try to answer your question with my bad english.
actually I don't have favorite equipment so far. I always choose them base on what I need to create. because every lens have slightly different character.
there are many kind of lens :

A. wide angle
less than 21 mm : extreme wide angle
21-35 mm : wide angle
I will pick wide angle lens if I need to produce images with this specific style:
- give psychological of movement, the dynamic feel
- big space because of distortion
- drama
- great dimension, because have a great deep of field
- feeling of intimate with the model
so for example I never use this lenses for beauty editorial pictures, because will distort the model face.
Marino Parisotto Vay like use this kind of lens for create his fashion pictures :

look, my car is so wide and my legs are amazingly long!
we feel like the model is so close with us.

B. normal
35-70 mm : normal
this lens, give us the normal fell for the images we produce. thats why usually I taking picture with 70 mm for casting, catalogue or even editorial that give us images as we see in real life.
example of picture with normal lens by Tim Walker :

with normal lens, the result will look the same with when we see them with our eyes.

C. telephoto
70-135 mm : medium telephoto
more than 135 mm : telephoto
the images telephoto lens produce is the opposite the wide angle.
- no distortion
- reduce deep of field, the plate of image will look flatten, object will closed each other
- the feeling of spy on model
for example, one of photographer love to use this lens is Stefano Galuzzi :

spy on this angry couple.

I hope that will be useful.
luki for lukimages


DaVina LoVe said...

Thanks.. it helps a lot in an easier way =D

Kissy said...

omg i love the picture of the model in the have such talent

luki said...

Davina, glad to know that.

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