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Friday, November 6, 2009

Citigold magazine is arrived.

down play
photographer : luki for lukimages
stylist : Yoland Handoko
make up & hair do : Husein Yunior
models : Paula Comassetto (twentyone mm)
my assistants : Ari, Ajie & Grace Gunawan.
designers: Sapto Djojokartiko, Priyo Oktaviano, Rinaldy A Yunardi & Aldi Indrajaya.


WTH said...

hi.. i am one of your fan :) and fashion photography enthusiast

I have to say that you did a great job of doing such an exoticism shoot in this fashion shoot.
however, if i may comment, i feel a bit uncomforatble with your first image especially. It can be seen that you are trying to place or juxtaposing a beauty with a traditional ( what so called). What I see here that you are making use of the children( kampoeng children) as a background and moreover you make them to look like a 'subordinate' compare to the model?
I am still wondering about your concept and intention thou..

But I think the last image is the best among the others. I can see an interaction between the model and her comes alive to me..

I would like to hear your thoughts

thank you so much :)

yoland handoko said...

dear WTH, as the stylist and co-conceptor for this photoshoot i'd like to help luki to explain our concept for this editorial.

first of all, we don't have any intention whatsoever to use the children as background moreover make them 'subordinate'. in fact, they held very important role in this editorial.

this editorial is for citigold magazine festive issue. so on our meeting, we agreed to took some of the festve ambience and elements and put it into a story.

the story itself is about a foreign kite maker lady who get invited to local harvest festival.
as you can see on the first image, the kite maker just arrived and got a warm welcome from the kids. as time goes by, she found herself fall for the village and decided to make a big kite for the kids as a gratitude for a good time she had.
so as you can see on the last image, she plays the big kite she made along with the kids. as you can see there's a deep interaction between the kite maker and the kids.

that's pretty much the concept and the story for this editorial. i believe luki had same thing in his mind. we also believe that picture says a thousand words, so we really appreciate your interpretation :).

yoland handoko

WTH said...

hi yoland ,

thanks for the response..
Well, it makes sense now.. I am relieved after you said that :D ... I indeed believed that you guys would not have that kind of intention , wouldn't you? :p jk

the idea is very interesting , glad to know that

can't wait for another spreads :)

love art,

luki said...

hi WTH.
thanks Yoland.
we have the same idea before we shoot this editorial. so, my explanation more or less is underrepresented by Yoland answer.
the kampung children are models too. my assistant cast them for this shoot. we just want to blend the beauty of modern girl with the beauty of pure innocent children. in this story they help each other, share love and happiness.


Ario Achda said...

i absolutely fallin' for this photo shoot!!!

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