Friday, March 12, 2010

Esquire March 2010 is published

photographer : luki for lukimages
stylist : Adi Surantha
make up and hair : Husein Yunior
model : Ilmira


wendi wirawan said...

usmanova ilmira ? istrinya teuku zaky bukan ki ?
keren yah . . .
modelnya , fotonya , moodnya . . . potograpernya juga deh :D

Unknown said...

yes, Ilmira yg itu.
aaah, blushing. lol.
styling dan make upnya juga dong.

wendi wirawan said...

ah make up n styling kan ngikutin taste photographer , di direct photographer didukung ama lightingnya si photographer . . . :P

igy said...

hey! I love your photography work. Stunning!! Do you mind if I post about this particular series. I think the lighting and set-up is quite spectacular. It has this old-world, vintage charm to it that I absolutely adore.

my blog is

Let me know, cheers!

Unknown said...

Hi Igy,
thank you so much. please. I am happy if you can use them on your blog.
anyway, I found your blog very interesting, inspiring. keep in touch.


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