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Monday, March 7, 2011

letter for Sang Hyang Widi

this is my own heart and my soul.
let me face this chapter with proud.
I'm holding your hand dear Sang Hyang Widi.
keep my energy alive for many beautiful things, trough Your eyes, trough your generosity, even I know too many sin I made and too many mistake I did.
my love just for You.
my life just for You.
my love life just for Your rhyme of music.
I believe that You will never let me down.

Your human, luki.


Anonymous said...

Hey Luki,

My English is not so good but I will try it anyway. I think you are such a great photographer! Your talent is really a gift! I live in Holland, but I'm indonesian and when I'm graduated my big dream is to work at Harpers Bazaar Indonesia. You give me power to believe and also a big inspiration for me. Keep on the good work and maybe we'll work together in the future ;)

Kind regards,

travel around the world said...

Hi Sherilyn. Thank you so much. Thats so touching. Keep the spirit alive. :)



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