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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

never ending day

photographer : luki for lukimages
client : CitiBank
models : Jade and Polina
make up artist : Husein Yunior
stylist : Yoland Handoko


lightthedance said...

wonderful coloration.... almost sepia but not.... almost sunset.... but not.....

is the last photo in the series actually shot outdoors or is this a composite?

I like all but one of them. The fourth picture is my least favourite. Her hip/ bum is not very flaterring to her figure.... (please accept these as comments and not criticism. I am after all no where close to your skill set of yourself or your creative team!

luki said...

thanks a lot. no problem at all, its my pleasure having your comment or even somebody else criticism.
yes, we realized that. in that dress there is a big padding.
we have many option for that frame, also a series of pictures when the shape of the dress look more like a 'normal' dress. but when we saw this picture, we kind of fall in love. maybe just us who want to taste a different shape. lol.
about the last picture, before I am going to answer, may I know, why you asked that question? just curious.

lightthedance said...

my comment was because her lighting was different than the model in the back. The light source seems to be closer to the model and the perspective of her body to the background seems to me a little "off" -

yhzkyl said...

I like this spread.It's amazing especially picture #1,#2 and #6.Anyway I'm sad that I just knew your blog.If I had I known this blog earlier,I'd have applied to your photography class :(

luki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
luki said...

hehe, correct! bravo! amazed by your eyes.
yhzkyl, my class is stuck with my schedule and my illness. will be back soon.

wendi wirawan said...

gila ki , gw suka DInya . . . asik euy ,

kuk said...

citibank?! really? for what. I mean citibank is closing down, and also they don't do fashion do they?

luki said...

wendi, makasih, masih belajar DI sendiri.
kuk, I never know if citibank is closing down. they do fashion in their exclusive magazines, called citigold. and I will do another fashion editorial for them again, so I thing the citibank is still fine.

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