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Sunday, June 14, 2009

how do I pick an idea for my editorial story.

my brain is always random with colors and form, that sometimes difficult for me to translate to a verbal or written language. because usually I get some idea from different media. can be dreams, imagination, painting, video, other pictures, stupid jokes, or anything.

for example, this editorial that appear in Harper's Bazaar Indonesia, I got the concept from :

ad campaign video of KENZO Flowers


thoughtdujour said...


This is great information.... how do you plan each frame? Do you sketch out the idea for the frame? Do you know what you are shooting for the 8 or 10 frames that will be published or is this something that you create on the spot?

thoughtdujour said...

ohhh... by the way... the picture in your header reminds me of the Bebe Campaign for 2009!

love the animal motif.....

ohhh... LOVE LOVE LOVE Emillana Torrini!! AMAZING!

luki said...

I always have sketch, but sometimes I make an adjustment in the location. no exact layout. its more fun.

thanks. the picture is from Harper's Bazaar African Beauty.

Katya T. said...

This is trully amazing! Admire your creativity! :D

luki said...

Katya, thank you so much.

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